$ 99.00


Ships August 2015

DEVICE / OS COMPATIBILITY: USB-MIDI compatible with CoreMIDI on iOS, Mac, PC, and Android. Connect quickly and easily to your computer via Mini USB or iPhone using the optional dock.

BATTERY: Rechargeable LiPo Battery with 8 hour battery life.

OUTPUT: Mini USB -- charges Keys and can be used as a USB-MIDI connection.

OCTAVES: 24 keys (2 octaves) (use gestures to transpose up or down)

GESTURE SENSORS: Sensitive proximity sensors that are capable of recognizing gestures or can be used to modulate parameters like pitch, sustain, or mapped midi parameters

DIMENSIONS: 20 mm x 320 mm x 106 mm (approx. 0.78" x 12.59" x 4.18")

WEIGHT: 1 lb.

MATERIALS: Plastic reinforced with PCB (fiberglass) keys connected to a metal baseplate to add durability and rigidity.

PROCESSOR: Texas Instruments 80Mhz ARM Cortext M4F